What Are Tech-Hounds?

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What Are Tech-Hounds?

Post by Dazzle/Nocturna on Mon Jun 03, 2013 3:51 am

Tech-Hounds are canine looking creatures with interesting behaviors. Our pelts are that of nightclub/rave colors, they go along with our unusual saliva. Instead of some sort of toxin that goes into the blood stream and kills you from the inside out, our saliva is one that causes hallucinations. A bit from us will send your head spinning and suddenly, you'll start seeing things you may happen to fear the most. May it be sudden darkness, clowns, spiders or even polka-dots... Suddenly, your fears will become a reality but, only you will be able to see it. While you are hallucinating, the Tech-hound will take the opportunity to toy with you a little more, eventually with the help of your mind, killing you off. Once you are a set target for these canines, there's no getting out of this one. Most of the time, they are seen lounging around and hanging out amongst each other as a family. They tend to their young and hang out in large packs in a forested area. The Tech obviously isn't good at hiding when it comes to camouflage but, their bite makes up for it. These creatures are large, seen from 4ft to 6ft at the shoulder, weighing from 950lbs to 1400lbs, about the weight of a horse. They are packed with muscle and jaws that resemble a bone crushing hyena's. They have a wolf's anatomy, though carrying a wider chest and thicker legs. A female can carry up to 4 pups at a time, sometimes 5 if lucky and they are mated for life. Tech-Hounds reach the eldest age of 15 years old. The pack is organized the same way a wolf pack would be. Mostly nocturnal, these prefer to hunt beneath the moon. They rarely howl but, can be pretty aggressive. Dominance is often displayed. Some of these creatures also have an acute personality disorder. From ones that speak to themselves and cause them to bash their heads against things -- to others where, one moment they are sweet as can be, and the next, they're at your throat ready to tear it from you. The species was created back around WWII when chemicals were tested often. They had been testing them on animals they had seen often and suddenly created a mutated species. Years had gone by and these creatures had learned (behind bars) the way humans worked and they way the behaved. During the war, a few of the hounds got loose, taking off deep into the woods never to be seen again. They weren't a priority to look for, considering the war was going on, so nobody took off after them. Time went by, and the Tech-hounds began to breed and packs were created around the globe. They became rare, hunted for the pelt they proudly wore due to the perfect fashion statement they made at night clubs and raves. Everyone was after a pelt that would glow under the neon light. Thus the Tech-Hound name came to be, due to the "techno" color the canines displayed.

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