How Do I Create A Tech-Hound?

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How Do I Create A Tech-Hound?

Post by Dazzle/Nocturna on Mon Jun 03, 2013 1:10 pm

First off, welcome to the pack! I'm sure you'll shine bright!

Your first task as a Tech-Hound is to design one. Start by making the base color of your coat a dark color, any color, even black. Next, you add neon markings over your dark base. They can be whatever design you choose, but your final design should have more dark than neon on it!

Now let's focus on hair. Everyone loves a rockin' hair style! One trait that all Tech-Hounds carry is a back mane. It can be anywhere from between the shoulder blades to the hips. Most Tech-Hounds have a neon mane, but it is not required. And it doesn't have to be one solid color- play around with it, add some highlights! As for the hair ontop of your hound's head, it can be anything from a mohawk to an eye cover. Keep in mind that 'Scene dog' hair is NOT allowed.

By now you should have a pelt and mane design. Let's move on to the details. We'll start with eyes. Eyes are one solid color, they have no pupils or whites in them and the eyes are always neon. Your mouth, claws, and paw pads can be whatever color you choose- although they are generally neon as well.

Congratulations on your new Tech-Hound! Now you may add a biography and really flesh out your character! Don't forget to submit an application before roleplaying so the alphas can approve of your Tech-Hound's design!

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