The Life Of A Tech-Hound

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The Life Of A Tech-Hound

Post by Dazzle/Nocturna on Mon Jun 03, 2013 1:15 pm

Tech-Hounds are born with pastel colors. Often times, it's hard to make out the markings on the newborn, but a pup is never born solid white. Your saliva has no effect, just regular ol' drool.

Your eyes have opened, revealing your bright neon orbs. Your pelt sheds heavily throughout your puphood, slowly changing into what will eventually be your adult design. At this point your saliva is developing along with your body. While you can't cause hallucinations yet, you can make things dizzy or cause a headache (The effect is determined by your age.) from a single bite. Pups enjoy listening to the elders recall events in their lives such as battles.

Now you've grown into your adult coat, all bright and shiny! Your saliva is starting to take on the hallucinogenic effects that the Tech-Hounds are known for. While you cannot cause full hallucinations yet, your bite still  causes headache and dizziness. Now your victims are starting to hear things and see things out of the corner of their eyes. Though you may find that you have a crush on another hound, you have no desire other then a romantic relationship- you are not considered mates until you have bred.

Finally, you're a full grown Tech-Hound! Your pelt shows its full colors now, vibrant and radiant. A single bite is enough to cause a victim to see and hear their worst fears- sometimes, the victim is so caught up in their hallucination that they don't see or hear anything else. You've finally reached sexual maturity and now the desire to reproduce is kicking in. Mating season is in the fall, while pups are born in the spring. A female can have a litter of up to 4 pups, but usually only 1 or 2 make it to adulthood. During the mating season, males become very protective of their mates. Tech-Hounds mate for life and a hound caught cheating is punished.

You've lived a long, rough life. As your body grows old, you retire from your rank and become an elder. By now your fur starts to turn dull, your hair whitens and turns pale. The saliva's effects on someone can either dull with age, stay the same, or get strong enough to even effect other hounds. VERY rarely do Tech-Hounds achieve a stronger bite in their old age- and if they do, they use it wisely. Elders are known for being wise and are often consulted by the alphas. Pups love to hear your life's story and the many adventures you've been on!

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